Мы гарантируем видимый результат уже через 1 месяц регулярных занятий!

Мы гарантируем видимый результат уже через 1 месяц регулярных занятий!

HESSEF is a plywood manufacturer with premium quality standards. Our birch plywood is a highly appreciated and demanded product in the exacting global market. We supply birch plywood to Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain, and Poland and others). 

Our main focus is making high-class plywood for narrow markets and on order, as we provide the most innovative solutions for businesses.

We are constantly developing and boosting the efficiency of the whole manufacturing process to produce top-notch products and make even the most outstanding needs met. 

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Why choose us?

Benefits from cooperation with us


We always do our best to find the most suitable tailored solution for each customer. We offer an exclusive range of specially designed products based on plywood to meet the goal. Our products are of premium quality and cost-efficient.


Formed by three or more layers of birch, our plywood is very stable and durable. It will never splinter or crack.

Besides, it’s 100% environmentally friendly! Our plywood products are sustainable throughout their entire life cycle.


HESSEF focuses on innovation and adjustability. We strive to grow and develop, so your demands and specification are crucial to us. Our professional interest lies behind the ordinary. We provide targeted and customized offers for each client in short term.

We are ready to meet the most specific needs

Concrete Formwork Plywood

Film-faced birch plywood with an increased number of fill cycles, resistance to UV radiation, and alkaline solutions. Perfect for construction of floor formworking. The film surface of our high-quality birch plywood products is easy to clean, making the work quicker. The end customers really value the industrial durability of our birch plywood and hands-on help at the construction site.

Trailer Flooring Plywood

100% birch plywood coated with film and imprinted with hexagonal pattern. Great for flooring in light commercial vehicles, and other applications where slip and impact resistance, effortless care, and decorative flooring are needed. HESSEF trailer flooring panels are available with different sizes and overlays and can be customized according to customer’s requirements. 

Die Cutting

Birch plywood designed for diemakers fully satisfies the fundamental requirements of the industry. Our birch is accurate, strong and homogenous. It is easy to work with our plywood using a laser as it holds the cutting blades firmly in place. The thin veneer, multiple layers and the coating guarantee that the board will stay flat if it is handled well.


We get the best from nature and create a more liveable world around us. The glory and warmth of natural hardwood shine through on Oak Plywood panels. These sheets feature Russian-grown timber. They include decorative face and back veneers from oak that guarantee stellar results on DIY woodworking projects.

Fire Retardant Plywood

Durable and strong, special purpose plywood can be used for transport vehicles (railroad long-distance passenger coaches) body indoor work and construction of fireproof and fire-retardant internal coach parts. HESSEF birch plywood is rated by its fire-safety characteristics as a fire-resistant material, with moderate fire spreading surface characteristics.

Flexible Plywood

FlexPlywood is flexible plywood with a wide control range from R = 0.8 mm to ∞ depending on the thickness of the plywood. If you would like to construct complex curvilinear structures with special requirements for the concrete surface after formwork, that’s exactly what you need. Our plywood-based products are made of high-quality raw materials. 

Transport Industry Plywood 

HESSEF plywoos is widely used in the transport industry as it is a perfect choice for transport applications that require highly wear-resistant and rough surfaces, such as passenger car floors, luggage area floors, railway wagon floors, ship/boat decking, and transport platforms. 

Marine Transport Plywood

HESSEF plywood is 100% birch plywood designed for the marine transport industry. It is manufactured from durable face and core veneers, so our plywood is perfect for transport, especially marine transport as it performs longer in both humid and wet conditions.

Let's do bussiness

Builders, architects, and enterprises from Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Poland already have an excellent opportunity to create works of art and make their dreams come true with the help of our products. This is exactly how it works: you have an idea, and we have the instruments to put it into practice. 

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