We get the best from nature and create a more liveable world around us. The glory and warmth of natural hardwood shine through on Oak Plywood panels. These sheets feature Russian-grown timber. They include decorative face and back veneers from oak that guarantee stellar results on DIY woodworking projects.

We care

We do our best to make our products and service better and meet your construction needs. Our sustainably produced plywood has been tried and tested in the most demanding concrete formwork applications, such as slabs, walls, columns, elements, and blocks. We provide you with formwork panels that both offer unrivaled functionality and produce visually pleasing concrete faces.

Besides, we care about every customer, providing the best solutions for every individual project. We do know that your project can’t wait, that is why we deliver products for concrete formwork on time and get our work done properly for everyone to be satisfied. We exhibit curiosity about projects made from our plywood and are happy and proud of you every time you surpass yourself creating a new work of art.

  • Improved coating water resistance
  • Improved age resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • A high number of reuses
  • Easy cleaning for multiple reuses
  • Edge sealing with elastic exterior acrylic paint
  • Protected from the effect of concrete mixture
  • Absorbs less heat in sunlight
  • Doesn't discolor the concrete
  • Easy to mark
  • Good visual finish
  • Features a layout grid
  • Wide range of overlays for obtaining the high-quality finish
  • Simple and easy to install with conventional fixing methods
  • Packed on lumbers
Possible application

Our plywood is most heavily used by builders and construction groups. HESSEF construction plywood is extremely versatile and can be used in many various ways. Needless to say that our plywood is just the right choice for applications where aesthetic appearance is not critical. That is why it plays a key role in concrete formwork, minimizing the rippling effect, and giving the concrete a really high-quality surface.

  • Slabs
  • Walls
  • Columns
  • Floors
  • Elements and blocks
  • Curved surfaces
  • The bracing of houses
  • Bridge-building

Reasons to choose HESSEF

  • Top-notch products that improve your cost, material and energy efficiency
  • Good load-bearing properties
  • Exceptional mechanical properties with exceptional strength/weight/stability – ratio
  • Proven and tested consistent quality
  • Innovative solutions for every formwork application
  • Tailor-made components according to your specifications
  • Global technical support and logistics service
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Proven and documented technical data and environmental statements
  • Our constant commitment to development
  • Reliable and timely deliveries
  • The most beneficial prices
Let's do bussiness

Builders, architects, and enterprises from Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Poland already have an excellent opportunity to create works of art and make their dreams come true with the help of our products. This is exactly how it works: you have an idea, and we have the instruments to put it into practice.

Please take a look at Our Products and Contact us to start mutually beneficial collaboration.