About Us

HESSEF produce and sell specialized premium-quality birch plywood for construction, industrial and distribution customers.

Our aim is to become a reliable long-term partner, opening up the almost endless possibilities of plywood. Our main market is Europe (Germany, France, Great Britain, and Poland).

Our history

It all began 8 years ago when we started to think: is it possible to make plywood better? We brought together the best professionals and began researching and developing strategies to enhance the plywood manufacturing process. In such a way, during this time we carefully thought over and designed a complex base and a solid frame system to make sure we meet the key requirements of the industry. Needless to say that we always exhibit curiosity about recent developments in the industry and keep up with them.

Now we offer a diverse range of specially designed products to meet our customers’ expectations. Are you interested in the industrial art of manufacturing stamping dies? Or in high-quality flooring in light commercial vehicles? Or maybe you would like to create a new home improvement DIY woodworking project? Then, HESSEF is the answer! We produce plywood for concrete formwork, trailer flooring, die cutting, decorative plywood, fire retardant plywood, and flexible plywood. All our products are high-quality, durable, and cost-effective.

What makes us unique
The uses for our birch plywood are seemingly endless and the reasons why become
apparent when you see what exactly makes our birch exceptional.
  • Strenght and Durability

    Birch plywood is formed by layering up three or more layers of birch, so it is very stable and durable. It is smooth and is not known to splinter or crack, which makes it safe.

  • Environmental Friendliness

    As birch is an abundant, fast-growing species, making birch plywood causes no destruction of biodiversity. We keep an eye on the eco trace of our company.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    We offer exceptional products and our plywood provides good value for the amount paid. We provide premium quality birch at the best prices.

  • Aestetic Advantage

    Birch plywood has a nice, rich sheen, gives the end product a nice, elegant finish, and allows you to customize the end product.

All these advantages make our birch plywood perfect for all kinds of projects,

from interior design to transport vehicles body indoor work and construction of fireproof and fire-retardant internal coach parts